Collection 2

"American, Also. Lesson 2" named "Normal" we focused on telling stories of the common black family experience. We led the installation with a runway show at the historic Weeksville Heritage Center. Followed by runway shows in Shanghai & Lagos. We followed up with the Director X led film "Seven Mothers." A film that focuses on the family life of Kerby Jean-Raymond and the 7 women who raised him after his mother passed away in 1994.



Creative Direction
Kerby Jean-Raymond
Jonathan Millner, Deshon Varnado
Event Production
Beyond 8
Production? Christopher Zaragoza, Erick Torres, Brian Girigorie
Reebok Design and Production? Christine Ho, Priscella Shum, Sandra Cun, Jill Hodges, Jennifer Rau, Christopher Hill
Collection Advisory? Eric McNeal?
Show Direction
Dario Calmese
Musical Direction? Chelton Grey?
Art Direction? Anthony Konigbagbe, Amandla Baraka
Katherine Mateo
Ibrahim Kamara
Additional Styling? Emmanuel Udume, Junior Deschamps
Additional Shoes?

Brother Vellies by Aurora James, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Malone Souliers by Roy Luwolt, Dr. Martens

Eyewear Coco and Breezy?
Joey George for Oribe
Emilie Heathe
Publicity? Nathaniel Hinton of The Hinton Group, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Jaton Brady of The Hinton Group
Head of Commercial Sales? Megan Kimmance
Runway Collaborations Derrick Adams, International Woolmark Company, Swarovski, FUBU